A collection of short fiction from a Reality Escape Artist.

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On my substack, I post short stories, experimental fiction, and assignments from my graduate program that I think worth sharing. By subscribing, you’ll get notified every time a new one goes up. You can subscribe through RSS or by sharing your email, which I don’t give to anyone else, not even the aliens that beg me for it. If you don’t wish to subscribe, that’s fine, you can always drop in here to read as much as you like. I’ll also announce new stories through my social media outlets, which you are welcome to follow instead, if you prefer.

Who is David Jace?

David Jace is an aspiring speculative fiction author who specializes in lighthearted science fiction and fantasy. He has a bachelors in theatre and English, and used to be a public school teacher for the decade before Covid. His is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. He lives in Texas, with his wife, two children, and two cats. He likes to SCUBA dive, juggle, and stilt walk, among other things

From fantasy to science fiction, David Jace enjoys the possibilities of 'what might be'. In the passages of his mind, you may meet a wizard who enjoys doing card tricks, a dog who becomes the captain of a space ship, a superhero who should have retired years ago, or an alien forest ranger who enjoys dancing in Texas nightclubs. The only thing you are unlikely to find is something 'normal'.

What does it cost?

Read my stories for free. I do not have plans at this time to monetize. I can promise that if I ever do monetize, it will not take anything away from free subscribers. I’ll find some kind of bonus to offer. Meanwhile, if you like my writings, and wish to buy me a cup of coffee, that would be wonderful of you. The irony is that I drink tea, but my wife loves coffee, and she’s the one with all the power anyway, right?

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Speculative fiction from David Jace, a reality escape artist.