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Wizard Starship

A group of first millenium wizards sail a viking ship into space to find a new source of magic.

At the wizard's congress of 1012 AD, the source of magic on Earth is revealed: a super-radioactive element called Arcanium. However, the crystalline element is depleting, and within the next hundred years or so, there won't be enough left to perform magic, or to support the magical creatures that depend on it to survive.

The wizards hatch a wild plan. They will build a cargo ship, hire a sailing crew, and launch into space with enough Arcanium to support their magic and search for a new source of the magical element.

Flying through space in a first millennium pirate ship, they meet science-based space craft, both friendly and hostile, on their journey. Hostile ships aren't their only concern, though, for there is a saboteur on board, or worse.

Power in Numbers



First Draft In Progress


Fantasy / Sci-Fi


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