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It's Been a Year... And What a Year It's Been!

I won't talk about the outside world from this past year, or even my own world this past year. I'd rather focus on the fun things: the imaginary worlds from this past year!

First, updates from the last post:

Neither The Robot Who Would Be King, nor An Island Never Cries found a home at the various short story markets this year and have been shelved for the time being.

Two more stories were born this past year:

One Giant Leap for Dogkind is a 5k short story about a canine spaceflight test subject who is caught in an energy storm on a test for Earth's new interstellar engine. The storm evolves Astro's mind and body. What follows is quite the adventure, but what Astro really wants is to find his way back home to his beloved trainer, master, and friend.

My first novella, The Rise and Fall of Heroes, is set in a fascinating world where heroes are an accepted part of society. Sebastian, a young hero-hopeful, applies to be a hero and is not only accepted, but teamed up with his childhood idol: The Golden Ghost, one of the original super heroes. But Sebastian soon realizes that The Golden Ghost has been around a long time. His aged mentor begins to show signs of developing dementia and Sebastian has a choice to make. Does he stay a sidekick and spend his career covering for the Ghost's condition, or step up and discredit his hero?

Sadly, both of these works have thus far failed to find a home yet, though they were well received by beta readers.

Finally, the big stuff. Thassodar Jax: Galactic Ranger, first in the Galactic Rangers series, is currently out for consideration by a number of agents. Time will tell what response they have, but beta readers gave it rave reviews. In development, among other projects, is the sequel, where Valentina, Thassodar's unexpected human ally, attends Galactic Ranger training. There, the only human on a space station of Ranger cadets and other aliens, she must find a way to fit in, settle her own inner doubt and preconceptions, and thwart a developing conspiracy that no one else seems to notice!

Other potential projects include Wizard Starship, a novel about Wizards voyaging through space on a vast wooden sailing ship in search of the elemental source of magic before their homeworld's supply runs out. But there is intrigue afoot, as someone seems out to sabotage the entire venture. Magic Lost is the story of a normal guy who falls in love with a magical girl... let me rephrase that: his girlfriend is a witch. And she sneaks him into the magical underworld of modern society. Among the spellbinding rave parties, enchanting new friends, and mystical creatures, he is also introduced to a rebellion in the works. Five centuries ago, the wizards lost the War on Magic. Ever since, they have remained hidden, restricted, subservient to the 'normal' world and monitored by the Guardian Knights of Magic. All that is about to change, and her boyfriend is going to have to choose a side.

Which project would you like to see emerge next? Valentina Garcia: Galactic Ranger, Wizard Starship, or Magic Lost?

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