Elven Fire

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Created by George F. Rice

Elven Fire is a game of fantasy adventure, with a unique blend of character development and hex-based war-gaming strategy. Extensive flexibility has been built into the character options, allowing a wide range of interesting avatars to be created and to grow with experience and accomplishment. The combat rules have been streamlined to allow rapid play without constant reference to tables and charts, with plenty of room for creative long-range planning and strategy.

Elven Fire for the Beginner GM

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An assist for running Elven Fire Games

A companion guide that is not to replace the full Elven Fire manual, written by George F. Rice, this is a Beginner's Guide to being a Game Master for Elven Fire games. In addition to basic GM information, there are three arcs of labyrinths (15 in total) with full-color maps, loaded with tips and on-the-spot information for the inexperienced GM to lead his merry band of adventurers to victory.

Learn to Play Elven Fire

Playing Elven Fire

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Check out the official Elven Fire site, where you can find materials, bonus content, and community for the best kept secret in tabletop RPG gaming!